10 Reasons For Hosting your Website in Multiple Languages

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The advancement in technology has taken businesses into a new dimension. Especially the evolution of the internet has made a drastic change in the way people look at things. Online marketing is skyrocketing its growth due to the availability of websites across various countries all over the globe. When you are aiming at expanding your business over the internet you have to be aware that language plays a vital role in conveying your message to people in various geographic locations.

Most people think that English is a universal language and is understood by every nation across the globe.

But, facts are different:
Mandarin Chinese is the first most spoken native language with more than 900 million speakers. Next comes Spanish with 436 million speakers and third is English with 370 million individuals speaking the language. But it does not end here. There are other languages including Japanese, Russian, Bengali, Portuguese, Arabic, and Hindi ranking in the most spoken languages list.

Here are some important statistics before you get down to learn the top ten reasons for hosting a website in multiple languages:

• Only 27% of internet users speak English as their first language

• Close to 72% of internet users prefer browsing in their mother tongue

• Only 44% people rate price higher than language and the remaining 56% look at the language first before ordering a product or service

Looking at the statistics one thing becomes clear: Entrepreneurs, retailers, and operators must definitely look for creating a multilingual website to attract more international customers. To help you do that, Translation Royale is your reliable partner and experienced translation and content agency.

10 reasons for a multilingual website and tapping international markets

1. Get Hold of Promising Markets

Aim big and always try to tap the maximum part of the global market. Website internationalization lets you do just that and helps you penetrate the most happening markets. You may have a website in English and go great in your iGaming business. However, what will happen when the US or UK markets saturate? Think of doing business in the long run and to attract clients across different locations to your casino sites must be compatible with multiple languages.

When you look at a recent report by Statista, you will learn about the revenue generated by different countries in the casino industry. This evidently shows the need for a multilingual website.

2. Reduce Costs for Advertisement

When you advertise your product or service within a traditional big market, you need to stand out from the competition and thus put a lot of money into positioning your business. Whereas when penetrating a happening market, your advertisement costs will be less as there will be less competition. You can also get more business and hence revenue from the new market.

3. Market Diversification

Expanding a business across a wide range of countries will help diversify your company. It reduces the risk that you face when working with a single language website. When one location is down, others can make up for the loss thanks to a multilingual site. A single market focus poses a threat to your business. Due to the stagnation of one market, your company may paralyze. But with many choices and alternatives around you can work around the pitfalls of one market going low.

4. Increase in Traffic and Enhanced SEO

Website development that can support different languages will increase your visibility for search engines. In other words, your site will receive higher rankings when you have different keywords in multiple languages. When the site ranking improves, your website automatically comes up on top in search engines and is easily viewable in your potential client’s search results. Thus, it allows more people to find your site and traffic increases.

5. Trust Building

Even though a standard language like English may be preferred, more than 46% of people who buy products online simply do not purchase if the available language is not their native language. They only feel comfortable when they are able to understand product reviews and other important information. Hence, a website that is localized and cares about its customers can also build trust.

6. Increase your Conversion

Keeping in mind point number 4, you already learned that traffic increases due to the availability of a website in different languages. Point five underlines that people feel more comfortable and cared for when a site is in their native language. Both these facts will automatically motivate people to purchase something from your website. This means you will have more conversions. You can convert casual visitors to loyal customers. Additionally, reviews shared by your customers highlighting the positive effects of localization and your multi-lingual customer support will attract the attention of even more potential customers.

7. Show that your Business is Customer-Focused

Going the extra mile with localizing your website will create a feeling among users that you not only run for business but consider customers comfort as well. For doing so, you can either engage your in-house translator or outsource your project to companies like Translation Royale and earn a reputation among your audience. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) even states that the need for translators will increase by 42% by 2020.

8. Turn Casual Clients into Loyal Customers

Once users find your site online due to its language compatibility, they will not leave your site. You will manage to convert your casual customers to loyal clients who can repeatedly grow your business.

9. Benefit from an Advantage Against your Competition

Many people have still not considered website localization and simply the fact that you have started thinking about it will make you gain the lead. You may not be a big player in a traditional market but you can surely be the first to conquer promising new markets.

10. Set an Example and Think Forward

Every successful business today had a not so easy starting phase once. They emerged on top because they went the extra mile. Do as they did and prepare already today for tomorrow by making your site compatible with different languages. And always remember: The early bird catches the worm.

Contact Translation Royale today to build a multilingual website for your business.


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