Professional Translation and Content Creation Services for East Asian languages

Asia: Earth’s largest and most populous continent

  • COUNTRIES: 49 recognised countries
  • POPULATION: 4.4 billion
  • LANGUAGE FAMILIES: Over 2200 languages in 24 language families
  • TRIVIA: More than 60% of the world’s population lives in Asia.

Our iGaming Services for East Asian languages

こんにちは to all of you, which in Japanese is pronounced as konnichiwa and means hello. Take advantage of our services and you can expand your iGaming portfolio by including Asian localization services. To begin with, Asia has a huge population of roughly 4.4 billion people, who are spread across the 48 countries on the continent. Thus, we can offer our knowledge in Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, Chinese and many other Asian languages in order to help you reach Asia via our linguistic bridge. In addition, the Asian market also has a huge appetite for gambling in both retail and digital areas. Our Asian colleagues have an advanced technological structure, cutting-edge products and solutions, which often dictate the upcoming trends. Therefore, accommodating to the Asian gaming industry proves to be essential in the gambling circles.

At Translation Royale, we transform the foreign-sounding Asian expressions by delivering excellent iGaming translation and content creation. Undoubtedly, Asian languages can be challenging to decipher. However, to convey meaning as accurately as possible, we offer our comprehensive Asian iGaming translations. Our teams work hard and provide services held to the highest of standards. Thanks to our unique techniques and outside-the-box methods, we are able to provide you with the finest version of Asian iGaming localization.

A key element of our work is that we understand the specifics of the various Asian languages as well as the new trends in the field of gaming. If you want to know more, find out our examples below.

  • COUNTRIES SPOKEN: China, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau
  • NUMBER OF SPEAKERS: 1.2 billion
  • FAMILY: Sino-Tibetan
  • VARIANTS: About one in five of the world’s population speaks a form of the hundreds of mutually unintelligible varieties of Chinese with the main dialects being Mandarin, Jin, Wu, Gan, Xiang, Min, Hakka, Yue, Ping, and Huizhou.
  • NATIVE NAME: 中文 (Zhōngwén), 汉语, 漢語
  • ISO 639-1 language code: zh

Chinese is spoken in various forms by nearly 1.2 billion people. There are between seven and thirteen main regional groups of Chinese, of which the most famous one is Mandarin. For example, standard Chinese is based on the Beijing dialect of Mandarin. It is the official language of China and Taiwan as well one of the four official languages in Singapore. Nowadays, it is understood and practised by the young Chinese population since it has an official status in education and media.

Since antiquity the entire Chinese character corpus comprises over roughly 20,000 characters, of which only around 10,000 are commonly in use nowadays. However, Chinese characters and Chinese words are two rather different concepts. As the majority of Chinese words are made up of two or more characters, there are many more Chinese words than characters. Therefore, at Translation Royale we work with professionals, who comprehend the linguistics trends, and guaranteedly offer the best iGaming contents and translations.

Still not entirely convinced? Well, let’s say the phrase slot machine ( 老虎机 ) is written in the same way in most Chinese dialects, such as Mandarin, Wu Chinese, Min Chinese, Cantonese, Jin Chinese, Xiang Chinese, Hakka Chinese and Gan Chinese. However, in Cantonese it remains the same writing, whereas in Standard Chinese it is also known as 角子机. Hence, it might also be pronounced in a wide variety of ways. Fun fact – the literal translation of slot machine is the ‘tiger machine’!

We know all the interesting fun facts and that is not all! We always pay attention to the tiniest of details, ensuring our competence and confidence in providing you with the best materials out there. Further below we will take Japan and the specifics of the Japanese language as an example. Therefore, keep reading if you would like to learn more about it.

  • NUMBER OF SPEAKERS: 125 million
  • FAMILY: Japonic
  • VARIANTS: Japanese consists of many different dialects, mainly divided between Easter and Western. With Kanji, Hiragana and Katakana, it uses three different writing systems, and although Japanese was influenced by Chinese using its writing system (Kanji), it is still called a language isolate.
  • NATIVE NAME: 日本語 (にほんご)
  • ISO 639-1 language code: ja

Japanese is an East Asian language spoken by around 125 million speakers, mainly in Japan, where it is the official national language. Japanese has a lot of English borrowings of words. The language itself has no relationship with Chinese, but it makes use of Chinese characters in its writing system. In addition, a large amount of words are borrowed from the Chinese vocabulary. Furthermore, the numeral system uses primarily Arabic numerals alongside with the Chinese traditional numeral system.

In order to ensure we deliver our best content in translations, we carefully select our teams with a combination of linguistic proficiency and competence in the field of iGaming. Translation Royale stands out from the crowd with excellence in the language and competence in the created content. You can always rely on our professional services regarding the different platforms such as Online Poker, Online Casino, Sports Betting, Fantasy Sports or iGaming eSports and the various languages you need them to be in. You will always hit the jackpot with our services or we should maybe say 大当たりします.

  • NUMBER OF SPEAKERS: 20 million
  • FAMILY: Tai–Kadai
  • VARIANTS: Regional varieties sometimes differ very much from Standard Thai. Linguist often time classify them as different languages altogether, with one example being Phasa Isan as a dialect continuum between Thai and Lao.
  • NATIVE NAME: ไทย
  • ISO 639-1 language code: th

Thai or Siamese is the official language practised in Thailand. By these means it is natively spoken by over 20 million people and it is also the first language for a vast majority of Thai Chinese people. It could be described as a tonal and analytic language. Moreover, it has a complex orthography, and native speakers identify different regional speech of Thai. The word order is subject-verb-object, which requires an experienced translator who will accurately transform the Thai speech into a coherent English sentence.

Furthermore, the Thai verbs do not inflect, which means they do not change with person, tense, voice, mood or number, which further points out the necessity of a highly professional translation. There are of course influences from other languages such as English, French and Portuguese. In addition, Thai has undergone various historical sound changes. Some of the most significant changes, at least in terms of consonants and tones, occurred between Old Thai spoken when the language was first written and Thai of present, reflected in the orthography. By these means Thai gaming translations are well worth a try as there is a high demand from customers.

As the Asian market is quickly developing, it is essential for us to have professionals in our teams who are fluent in various languages spoken across Asia. Thus, our unique team is always tất cả trong! This in Vietnamese means we’re all in! Discover more below.

  • NUMBER OF SPEAKERS: 75 million
  • FAMILY: Austroasiatic
  • VARIANTS: Various mutually intelligible regional varieties with Northern Vietnamese, North-central (or Area IV) Vietnamese, Mid-Central Vietnamese, South-Central Vietnamese, and Southern Vietnamese being the main five. They differ mostly in their sound systems, but also in vocabulary and grammar.
  • NATIVE NAME: Tiếng Việt
  • ISO 639-1 LANGUAGE CODE: vi

Official and national language of Vietnam, it is the mother tongue of Vietnamese people. Its speakers are spread across the globe. Indeed, Vietnamese has been recognised as a minority language in the Czech Republic, and has strong ties in the US and Eastern Germany. Interestingly, the Vietnamese alphabet in use today is a Latin alphabet with additional diacritics for tones and certain letters. The Vietnamese speakers are around 75 million, which makes them an important target audience. Thus, attracting Vietnamese users is crucial in the modern gambling world. So, leave the translation to us and Từ từ, đừng vội (take it easy).

We basically got you covered for whatever Asian linguistic service you might require. To prove you we are the best in the business, here is a quick complimentary fun fact:
Did you know about Chinese poker, also known as 十三张; literally: ‘Thirteen cards’? It only requires basic knowledge of standard poker to get you started and there is a large element of luck involved. Therefore, a beginner has equal chances of winning the game in the short term, if playing against experienced opponents.

We all know the expression ‘on tilt’, which is a poker term and it is used for people who let their luck to affect their play. Well, gambling might be a tricky affair, but you will never need to rely on your luck if you trust Translation Royale. Because we are always here to translate your passions in an universal language.

Here at Translation Royale, we understand that in gambling there is no place for a Babylon tower scenario. So, we offer the most reliable services and we understand the crucial aspects of translation. For instance, iGaming requires experience and awareness of the most popular words and expressions commonly used in the sphere.
As language experts are hard to find, particularly with regards to the Asian gaming market, it is with pride when we deal with Asian content. Indeed, the Asian markets take 45% of the global gaming market. Which further leads us to the next point.

Asia As a Key Player in the Gaming World

Asia has been dominating the global video game market for years. In 2017, the revenue is expected to be 51.2 billion US dollars, which is almost as twice than the second-ranked North American gaming-market. The leading countries are China, Japan and South Korea. Indeed South-East Asia is a rapidly growing market. In addition, Vietnam, Singapore, The Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia have contributed up to 99 per cent of the billion dollar revenues generated by the South-East Asian gaming in 2014.

As the market grows fast, it also demands high quality material to be translated at the optimal quality possible for the native Asian users. The numbers are not the only factor accounting for the demand of content. Asia’s huge population, fast rising mobile connectivity and economic growth also point out in favour of investing in translations and iGaming contents in various Asian languages. The Asian gaming crowd qualifies as reliable and enthusiastic, thus important to have on one’s side.

Translation Royale is not only your best option language-wise, but also in terms of experience, as our team members ensure to keep up to date with the politics of the countries.

For example, in Japan the current ruling Liberal Democratic Party might not risk to bring things forward in terms of legislation of casino gaming, since it lacks support from its coalition partner. Although things could change rapidly there in future. Whereas things are going fast and forward in Vietnam. The approval of slot games at international airports will cover all of the 11 vietnamese airports. However, the slots would only be accessible to international visitors and foreign citizens. For now, Vietnamese nationals are not legally permitted to gamble, but a law to allow it undergoes administrative procedures.

Furthermore, the casino gaming industry in Singapore saw a rapid growth in the years 2009 and 2010, with a revenue growth rate of 49.7%. Therefore, the statistics position Singapore and Macau as regions with a great industry growth in the future years.
As we are experienced and aware of the trends throughout the Asian countries, we are able to well comprehend the needs of our customers and their success in various regions. In other words, we understand well how the changes worldwide might evolve and reflect the online gambling reality.

Therefore, the only thing you need to impress the Asian users is an Asian iGaming localization, and they will be thankful for a long time. At Translation Royale, we realise the importance of brand new content, which will make you stand out from the crowd among the other competitor organisations. We perfect our Asian gaming translations by keeping up-to-date with the latest slang trends and linguistics details. We deliver high-quality services, aiming at customer satisfaction like no other in multiple categories. They range from Online Poker, Online Casino. What is more – Sports Betting and even competitive eSports and Fantasy Sports.

Last but not least, all-in might repay well in poker playing. However, when it comes to a job well done, you need to always be on the winning side. This is why our professional services will keep you at the top of the wave. Work with us and you will always know the latest regulations, the newest trends and the best strategies for your success ! 回头见。(húi tóu jiàn) See you later.

Benefits of a Good Translation

6 good reasons why you need a translated product today

New Customers

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Increased Sales

With every new language added to a website you open up to new buying customers that increase your sales potential up to 100%.

Talk to your audience

Your audience expects clarity, and also that a message comes from real, thoughtful people speaking their own language.

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Beat your Competitors

To get the competitive advantage in today’s environment you need to think outside the box.

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