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Australia iGaming Market Overview and Infographic

Australia has the highest gambling rate in the world with over 80% adult participation. Gamblers are not taxed in Australia as the activity is regarded as a hobby instead of a formal profession. Only the operators are taxed, and they have to earn state licenses. The term “problem gambling” is well-known to Aussies, as various reports come up discussing the socio-economic and socio-cultural negatives of too much gambling.

The Land of the Pokies

Cricket is one of the most celebrated sports in Australia notably due to its country’s successes in the World Cup. However, cricket is also extremely popular in the gambling world with a plethora of options like the Big Bash, the Ashes and other international tours to punt on.

Pokies, or slot machines, may not be the most popular of gambling outlets in the country (4% adults). It is, however, far and away the most profitable one (responsible for 62% of total gambling revenue). Wyong, housing 2808 pokies, has a 1:47 ratio with the total adult population of the town! The same ratio for Gosford is 1:71. The net revenue collected from these 2 countries respectively amount to around €581 to €830 per adult member!

Stats, Facts and Figures

2015 findings show over 80% of Australians engaging in some type of gambling each year. Up to that point, Australia had collected almost €4.1 billion in taxes and revenue from gambling. Live poker machines dominated the statistic, contributing €2.4 billion.

Some salient figures are listed as follows:

  • Net gambling expenditure rose from €17.5 billion in 2013-14 to €18.8 billion in 2014-15, a 7.7% increase.
  • The average adult gambling expenditure increased from €972 to €1029.

Official Licensing Body In Australia And Licensees

The licensing system for gambling in Australia is in a rather complicated state as it is regulated by the support of the federal government which is actively responsible for amending new protocols and frequently tracking for bugs in the system. However, the primary licensing in Australia is done by state and territorial authorities. Issuance of gambling licenses in Australia follows different protocols as per the state or territory.

Did You Know?

The gambling industry in Australia records one of the highest annual loss in money in the world. According to the analytics provided by the federal government, punters in Australia squandered over €19.56 billion in 2017 – a figure only surpassed by the US, China, the UK, and Japan.

Australia iGaming Market Infographic

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