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Europe’s eighth largest country, and the most sparsely populated country in the EU.

  • COUNTRIES SPOKEN: Finland, Sweden, Northern Norway
  • NUMBER OF SPEAKERS: 5.4 million
  • FAMILY: Uralic
  • VARIANTS: Two main varieties of “standard language” (yleiskieli), and “spoken language” (puhekieli), with dialects mainly divided between Western and Eastern.
  • NATIVE NAME: Suomi
  • ISO 639-1 language code: fi

Our Finnish iGaming Services

Finland and gaming is a combination that is most likely a rare topic in the everyday world. Most of you looking to explore new opportunities, however, are probably aware of the strong online presence of Finnish players, and if you aren’t, then you should. There is massive potential yet to be taken advantage of, but it doesn’t come without its challenges – this is especially true when it comes to Finnish iGaming localization.

From the language to the market itself, Finnish iGaming is worth pursuing but only provided you have the necessary experience and business prowess. Likewise, your choice of translation or content creation service has to be one that is ready to tackle the obstacles that are quite frequent and inevitable – at Translation Royale, we can give you that reassurance for excellence in Finnish iGaming translations, as well as brand new content. See for yourself!

Anything but Ordinary

If there is one word that describes the Finnish language, it is “peculiar”. Belonging to the Finnic group of Uralic languages, Finnish is an oddity in and of itself. The only other popular representative of this language group is Estonian, and there is a plethora of unique defining characteristics. For starters, there are no prepositions in Finnish. Instead, a variety of suffixes are used and navigating through them is widely considered as one of the many hurdles by those who are learning the language. As far as translation is concerned, even in professional settings it is quite a challenge of transforming content in an efficient and seamless way, as there are many English words that simply don’t have an equivalent in Finnish. For a long time, terms have established themselves as they are introduced and utilized more and more, giving an arbitrary element to the language.

The trouble doesn’t end here. In relation to Finnish iGaming localization, it is often difficult to pick the right word, and even more so to ensure it is grammatically correct and context appropriate, as many terms are directly imported from English. Let’s put things in perspective – the English “Poker” would be translated as “Pokeri” in Finnish. From there on out, depending on the context, you can have tens of different word variations with various suffixes in both its singular and plural forms.

An interesting phenomenon is the so-called “Finglishing” of words in the Finnish language. As mentioned, borrowed words are often assimilated into Finnish vocabulary, and that is very much the case with iGaming. This introduces the challenge of being aware when to use Anglicism and, if so, how to structure them so they look more fluid and less clunky.

There certainly is a great amount of idiosyncrasies present in Finnish. What we outlined is just an excerpt, but it is enough to explain this language’s reputation as one of the toughest nuts to crack, especially when dealing with translation from English. Ergo, your Finnish iGaming localization service must be carefully picked. Our Finnish gaming translation and content creation offerings are marked by a meticulous approach, extensive research and quality that will satisfy and even exceed your expectations. At Translation Royale, we strive to be the best at what we do and provide our customers with the materials they need and deserve.

A One-of-a-Kind Market

The language isn’t the only peculiar thing when it comes to Finland and iGaming. The industry over there is heavily regulated by the government, and also monopolized to a great extent. While there is nothing abnormal about this situation, it has often been described by officials as a market that is more oriented towards non-profit purposes. These include a reinvestment of profits into helping gambling addiction foundations or better care for animals participating in the activities (e.g. horses in horse betting).

Whether this is completely true or not can certainly be disputed, and these statements have frequently been regarded as controversial. The fact remains, however, that there is great gaming success in Finland. As with pretty much anything else they do, the Finns are masters of the extraordinary when it comes to tournaments, too. Sports Betting was never the same after the World Sauna Championships, which may just be the oddest sports activity you have ever heard of. Unfortunately, this eccentric event was banned after a contestant died in 2010, leaving a great deal of viewers, and gamblers, disappointed.

Despite efforts on the government’s part to deter Finnish players from choosing outside iGaming websites, participation in international gaming activities is in no way banned. This means your iGaming business might just be the next destination of a Finnish-speaking player – this scenario is hardly hypothetical after taking into account how advanced Internet technologies are in the Nordic country, as well as the fact that the vast majority of Finns frequently use online services.

The Finnish people, as well as most of the world, know what they like – their space, their saunas and their alcohol. Unbeknown to many, they also like their online gaming. While Finnish iGaming localization certainly involves careful planning and execution in addition to expert knowledge and attention to every little detail, it is safe to say that it is every bit as worthwhile as it is challenging. Your content is likely to be the first impression you make as far as new customers are concerned, and it is instrumental in retaining existing ones. In any case, it has to be immaculate, informative and accurate. At Translation Royale, we take great pride in the Finnish iGaming content creation and translation services we offer. We understand the difficulties – our writers and translators always go all-in to ensure the level of quality is a step above the competition. If you want to guarantee that the Suomi character stays alive and well within your business, we are here to offer you the best in a variety of categories – from Online Poker and Online Casino to Sports Betting, Fantasy Sports and even eSports coverage. By choosing us as your partner, your odds of hitting the jackpot, or “jättipotti”, as they say in Finnish, are at an all-time high.

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