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France, country of beauty and glamour, so famous for it that even the Mona Lisa spends her time there.

  • COUNTRIES SPOKEN: France, Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, Monaco, Haiti, and half of Africa (31 countries)
  • NUMBER OF SPEAKERS: 274 million
  • FAMILY: Romance
  • VARIANTS: Metropolitan French and dialects in France. Different French versions throughout the world which often times mixed with other languages and became a Creole version.
  • NATIVE NAME: Français
  • ISO 639-1 language code: fr

Our French iGaming Services

Bonjour! If you are looking to expand your iGaming portfolio by including French localization services, you are making the right decision. With a strong online scene and the third biggest market in Europe after the United Kingdom and Italy, the French-speaking community is one that you certainly want to accommodate to the fullest extent. However, iGaming translation and content creation is not as simple as it would seem when it comes to the French language, and a few pivotal factors will dictate whether you clean up or dust off.

Here at Translation Royale, we offer our comprehensive French iGaming translations that check all the boxes. Our professional and highly motivated teams can also provide you with the pinnacle in French gaming content creation. We pay attention to the finest details and how they fit in the big picture, allowing us to guarantee you French iGaming localization that is a step above the rest.

Proficiency is Key

The French language is very dynamic and in many cases it doesn’t follow a linear or predictable structure, especially when translating from English. It is no secret that this language, spoken natively by over 80 million people worldwide, is on average up to 25% lengthier than Germanic ones – as is the case with most members of the Romance family. On its own, this introduces several challenges that must be considered and addressed. They range from text size to formatting and conciseness. Take a look at the following example: “poker machine” is translated in French to “appareils à mise et gain limités”. Of course, always using the full name is out of the question, so shortening it to AMLG is often a handy alternative, but then your localization service has to be aware of this abbreviation and many others.

In order to ensure optimal mirroring in translations as well as preservation of context quality and clarity, competence in the field of iGaming is every bit as important as linguistic proficiency. Many services out there will tell you about how their translators and writers have complete mastery of the ebb and flow of the French language, but little will be mentioned about their particular skills in the highly-specialized gaming sphere – usually because they are lacking in that department. This is not the case with us – our Translation Royale services count not only with excellence in the language, but with precision in relating your materials to the appropriate context, be it Online Poker, Online Casino, Sports Betting, Fantasy Sports or iGaming eSports.

A peculiar characteristic of the French language you may not be aware of is that while it typically takes up more room, it can also be shorter than the original English version of your sentences in a variety of cases. For example, if your introductory piece for a new service contains the sentence “So, let’s get started!”, its French counterpart would be “Alors, commençons!”. Notice that, albeit longer in terms of letters, the French version only makes use of two words. This is just a hypothetical example, and while you can certainly make it longer, that would hinder the overall expression and come off as a clunky translation. Brevity is not all that common, but it’s important to take advantage of it when possible, and only a top-shelf service will have the necessary expertise to look out for those opportunities.

As with all languages, context is one of the crucial aspects, but this holds especially true for French iGaming content creation and translation services. Traditionally, the verb “to feature” is translated to “figurer”, but in the world of gaming “integrér” takes precedence. There are many other instances in iGaming where more obscure alternatives have established themselves over popular words, which understandably requires experience and awareness. The ever-present dilemma of choosing between Anglicisms or native words is present in full force as well. A shining example of this is whether you should keep the popular “all-in” phrase as it is, or opt for the French equivalent of “faire tapis”.

As you can see, translating iGaming content to French or coming up with something brand new is as demanding as it is intriguing. No matter how good your service is, the fact remains that before anything else, there is a lot of research to be made and thinking to be done. The combination of expertise, experience and reliability is one you will find in every step of our process – at Translation Royale we are dedicated to providing you with French gaming translations and content creation services that will impress existing customers, attract new ones and open the doors to the jackpot for both your business and your players.

A Valuable Player Base in More Ways Than One

Despite the heavy taxes in the regulated French gaming market, GGR (gross gaming revenues) are going strong with each passing quarter. Domestically, online players pay up to 7.5% in total rake, which is considerably higher than the average for the industry. This is further exacerbated by the 2% tax on poker pots across the board. Both Sports Betting and Online Poker are taxed at 8.5% on all bets placed, too. These also happen to be the most successful iGaming activities on the French market to this day. Casino games have yet to be offered by French-licensed sites due to restrictions.

The fact that iGaming is blossoming in such a heavily regulated and taxed market such as the French one speaks volumes of the passion and desire of its players. It has also led to a great deal of them choosing sites outside of France, however. A major contributor to that decision can be found in the prohibition of international pool sharing as per the Gambling Act. This presents iGaming companies across all of Europe and beyond with the golden opportunity of attracting the French-speaking players who chose to explore new frontiers, and with an average weekly stake of over €150 (just for cash games), you can see how it is more than worthwhile to accommodate this valuable player base as best as you can.

The French-speaking iGaming enthusiasts truly are a crowd you would want to call your own. But you are already aware of that. What you need is French iGaming localization that will win them over for a long time. At Translation Royale, we understand and perfect the intricacies that will separate your French gaming translations and brand new content from the competition, no matter the category. Online Poker, Online Casino, Sports Betting and even competitive eSports and Fantasy Sports – the choice is yours. Choosing us is the equivalent of going all-in with the odds heavily in your favor – you are sure to come on top.

Benefits of a Good Translation

6 good reasons why you need a translated product today

New Customers

Ultimately what a multilingual website brings you are new customers. By having your site accessible to millions of new leads.

Increased Sales

With every new language added to a website you open up to new buying customers that increase your sales potential up to 100%.

Talk to your audience

Your audience expects clarity, and also that a message comes from real, thoughtful people speaking their own language.

Cost Effective Marketing

Having the ability to communicate to a whole new international audience in their own language will undoubtedly yield results.

Customer Centricity

A multilingual product demonstrates you are thinking about your customers.

Beat your Competition

To get the competitive advantage in today’s environment you need to think outside the box.

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