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The country that brought us the Roman Empire and Spaghetti

  • COUNTRIES SPOKEN: Italy, Romania, Switzerland, San Marino, Vatican City, Malta, Istria County (Croatia) and Slovene Istria (Slovenia)
  • NUMBER OF SPEAKERS: 85 million
  • FAMILY: Romance
  • VARIANTS: Apart from Standard Italian there are approximately 34 living spoken languages and related dialects in Italy.
  • NATIVE NAME: Italiano
  • ISO 639-1 language code: it

Our Italian iGaming Services

As part of the Romance languages, Italian is very expressive, emotional and diverse. In order to properly convey the upbeat and inspiring tone this language carries within itself, one must be experienced, prepared and aware of the finest details – especially when it comes to iGaming.

This colorful language presents several challenges in Italian iGaming localization. They range from considering structure-related matters to knowing when to borrow words from English. Italian looks, feels and sounds exquisite – keeping this quintessential characteristic is of vital importance for online gaming materials that stand out. You won’t find a more dedicated team of specialists than Translation Royale – we are committed to providing you with Italian iGaming translation and content creation services that are one step above the rest. Our “all-in” approach and expert knowledge in the field work together to give you the materials you deserve.

A Delicate Balance

Italian-speaking communities around the world are known for their warm and welcoming culture and appreciation of the finer things in life. This is heavily reflected and a product of their language – it also poses an interesting challenge for iGaming. Much like your favorite pizza, the Italian language is all about a careful combination of ingredients and perfectly-crafted layers. In similar fashion, less is often more when translating to or creating new content in Italian.

The key to excellent iGaming materials in Italian is capturing the essence of this beautiful language, while paying attention to the various grammatical and vocabulary intricacies that sometimes have no English analogue. At first glance, the process is fairly straightforward with very few specific deviations. However, the difference between impressive and just “alright” content hides behind a higher level of proficiency and extensive research without cutting any corners. An example that showcases this can be found in Online Poker. The terms that make up its Italian version are a mix of English and Italian, and it is common for words to be used interchangeably. For instance, a no limit Hold ‘Em game may be translated to its Italian variant as senza limite, or it can be simply kept as no limit. In other cases, essential actions such as checking, calling and folding have not one, but two different Italian words you can pick from – checking can be either bussare or passare, and lasciare and foldare are used for describing a fold in Italian.

Sentence structure, and in particular adjectives and prepositions, is also crucial in translating to or creating iGaming content in the Italian language. There are many cases of inversion where an adjective always goes after whatever it is describing. However, you may also have a structure that is pretty much identical to the English one. Prepositional phrases are also ubiquitous in Italian, with many of them having various meanings depending on the context while others come paired with specific words and mustn’t be changed.

Expertise is crucial – for example, if you want a slogan that says “the best Online Sports Betting location for you”, the Italian translation would have very little in common with the English structure – it would look something like “La migliore posizione di scommesse sportive online per te”. Notice the inversion and the extra preposition, as well as the Italian translation of the word “location”. It certainly isn’t locazione, as logic would dictate. The latter actually means “lease” – this is another thing that must be taken into account when choosing an Italian iGaming translation service. The obvious choice of word may mean something else entirely, and you certainly don’t want to deal with the awkwardness that would potentially ensue.

We offer you our Translation Royale iGaming services with the guarantee that your materials will be handled with professionalism, attention to the finest detail and context-appropriate terminology. Whether it’s Online Poker and Casinos, Sports Betting or even Fantasy Sports and eSports, you can be sure that you will receive top-quality content that will impress your Italian-speaking customers and attract new ones.

Italy is a pioneer in online gaming, being the first EU country member to legalize, license and regulate it in a comprehensive manner. This happened in 2006 and since then various iGaming activities have been enjoyed by an ever-increasing amount of people. While one may think there isn’t much in the way of prospects on a market as well-structured as the Italian one, there is a lot of potential for drawing new customers to your services. Italian speakers love poker, casinos and sports betting, and recently there has been more than enough proof that they love when it’s online as well. However, the competition is fierce and requires you to have an edge in every aspect. This includes providing the very best in Italian iGaming localization – from translations to brand new content.

Achieve the Synergy Between Language and Service

Italian and iGaming content are a match made in heaven – few languages manage to have such a relationship and provide similar convenience. The light-hearted, easy-going and almost casual dynamics of this language make it a perfect fit for an environment where you want people to feel relaxed and welcome to spend as much money as they want. Italian certainly accommodates iGaming to a wide extent, but this leads to very high expectations. Your Italian iGaming content creation and translation service must absolutely be on top of the game in order to generate the necessary interest from customers, whether old or new. Retention and attraction are pivotal to your success, and your choice of company is a deciding factor in what the outcome will be.

At Translation Royale, we offer at your disposal a highly proficient team of maestros that take their work very seriously and are always motivated to give you the Italian iGaming translations and brand new content that your business needs. Our reputation spans across a variety of languages and is built upon excellence in the end result and an unmatched level of customer attention. We will provide you with the jackpot in Italian iGaming localization – the rest is up to you.

Benefits of a Good Translation

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