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Norway ranks number 1 in statistics such as the World Happiness Report and is the second-wealthiest country in the world

  • NUMBER OF SPEAKERS: 5 million
  • FAMILY: Germanic
  • VARIANTS: Bokmål and Nynorsk as official forms, and the unofficial Riksmål and Høgnorsk being used as well as regional dialects
  • NATIVE NAME: Norsk
  • ISO 639-1 language code: no

Our Norwegian iGaming Services

Norwegian may seem like an accommodating language for iGaming, but there is a slew of details that turn it into a language without many major hurdles, but enough challenges to demand high levels of precision. Fluency as well as experience are prerequisites for a Norwegian iGaming localization service that is comprehensive, polished and able to provide that “wow” factor.

Knowing the language-inside out is just one half of providing excellent content. The other half is knowing how to use it. When it comes to iGaming, our Translation Royale services are unsurpassed. We hold our Norwegian gaming translations and brand new content to the highest standard, as we do with every other service we offer. Our writers and translators are experts in localization and possess the necessary linguistic prowess to provide you with the pinnacle in iGaming materials. But what are the most important characteristics of the Norwegian language and its respective market? Find out below.

Easy to Pick up, Hard to Master

Norwegian comes in two variations – Bokmål and Nynorsk. We will focus on the former, as it is arguably the most popular and the one used by major institutions and businesses across the world.

One of the biggest advantages of Norwegian when it comes to iGaming, and in general, is that it is a Germanic language. As such, its structure is very similar to that of English. Compared against others, such as Finnish and a variety of Romance languages, Norwegian is a breeze to work with. Moreover, this language is very straightforward as far as grammar as concerned, and is widely considered as one of the easiest Germanic languages in that regard. For example, if you want a verb in present tense, you just add an “r” to it. You don’t even have to worry about the traditional he-she-it forms – it is an all-in-one scenario in Norwegian. This applies in both singular and plural scenarios.

Norwegian bears a lot of similarities to a variety of Germanic languages, and understandably so. The shortest summary is that it pronunciation is a lot like Swedish, its written form is very much like Danish, and the use of the “ge-” affix is reminiscent to German and Dutch. This, combined with a formulaic approach and a limited number of deviations make Norwegian a predictable language to translate, and lack of equivalent words to the original English versions is a rare occurrence.

Terminology is also a favorable area when it comes to Norwegian iGaming content creation and translation. In poker, for example, quite a few terms do have their Norwegian counterpart, while others stay the same, such as “all in”, “jackpot” and “service”. Translation is streamlined and doesn’t offer much in terms of synonyms, which adds to ease of use and context-correctness. Check is passe, bet is satse, etc. An exception is the Norwegian equivalent of folding, which is kaste seg.

The challenge of Norwegian iGaming translation and content creation lies in having a professional approach at all times. It is often the case in this field that a writer or translator becomes over-confident – this can lead to many minor, yet telling mistakes. You don’t want to have your content look amateur and unpolished in any situation, and especially if you are trying to attract customers from a country that has had one of the highest living standards in the world for over a decade. Remember, your content is likely to be the first impression you make to new customers.

The devil is in the details when it comes to Norwegian iGaming localization. For instance, the all-important word in the gaming world, “winner”, translates as “vinner”. In similar fashion, “fill” is “fyll” in Norwegian and “professional dealer” is “profesjonell dealer”. As you can see, there is a striking resemblance between both languages, but the tiniest of details make the greatest of distinctions. It goes without saying that the importance of using the Norwegian variants of words is crucial to outstanding content, instead of simply borrowing from the English language. In spite of the undeniable similarity, your localization service has to be one that has done thorough research and one that ensures this condition is met every step of the way and is sufficient for you to hit the jackpot!

Opportunity in the Face of Heavy Regulation

A common linguistic foundation is not the only similarity between Norway and countries like Sweden and Germany. Heavy regulation, restrictions and government interference are the defining characteristics of the Norwegian iGaming market. With protection against “gambling addiction” serving as the primary purpose behind the approach the country has decided to take since 2010, it is quite difficult to dispute their methods and look towards changing the environment in favor of the industry. To make matters worse, as Norway has on two occasions refused to join the European Union, operators in EU states have found it extremely challenging, if not impossible, to alleviate the rather unfavorable iGaming situation currently on display. With puritanical regulation over the market and a compelling reason to show for it (rural areas have been known to experience massive problems with games of chance), the Norwegian market certainly isn’t the most appealing destination for online gaming. However, the public consensus is that these measures don’t really work to alleviate the perceived issues as much as they hinder the player base as a whole in an unjustified manner. And while financial transactions between online operators and Norwegian residents is illegal on paper, the ban virtually exists only in writing, as little to no action is taken to actually prohibit gaming enthusiasts from playing on foreign territory due to the difficulty in enforcement.

This situation may provide you with the opportunity of being the operator of choice for many new Norwegian customers. In order to tip the scales in your favor, you need a Norwegian iGaming localization service that will go all-in to provide you with the ultimate end result. Everyone likes good content, and with our Translation Royale offerings you can make your Norwegian clientele feel right at home while enjoying the full freedom of partaking in the gaming activities they desire. Whether it’s Online Poker, Online Casino, Sports Betting and Fantasy Sports, or even eSports for the more competitive sort, we are committed to providing you with the odds of winning the all in bet in Norwegian iGaming translation and content creation which is tailored to your audience and standing out in quality, proficiency and attention to the finest of details.

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