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Effective, localized translations are vital when trying to enter new markets and attract new customers. Unlike many of our competitors, we believe high-quality translations can only be achieved by speaking the same language as your customers – not by simply translating literally.

All our translations are done by our team of certified translators who are native speakers of their respective languages, meaning you can be assured you’ll successfully reach your target customers every time.

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iGaming content is our speciality. No matter what your focus – sportsbook, casino, poker, esports or fantasy sports – we can provide you with high-quality iGaming content in all major European and Asian languages, so you can take your business to international markets.

At Translation Royale, we pride ourselves on our commitment and meticulous approach to producing quality content.

While many of our competitors produce high-volume iGaming content at the expense of quality, we’re able to produce high-volume iGaming content while maintaining our high-quality standards.

Sports reviews

With so many games going on across so many leagues in all corners of the globe, it can be hard to keep up!

If your business is sport, you’ll know how important it is to keep your sports fans up-to-date with all the latest results from their favourite leagues from around the world.

Whether your focus is football, basketball, tennis, rugby, or cricket, we can provide you with comprehensive, SEO-friendly match reviews across a whole range of leagues from all around the world.

With our timely match reviews, your sports fans will not only have exactly the information they’re after but just as importantly, they’ll have that information up-to-the-minute.


It’s not enough to simply translate content word-for-word from one language to another. Cultural differences mean that a phrase or even a word that sounds perfectly understandable in one language can take on a whole different meaning in another.

But no matter which market you’re looking to enter, or whether you call it localization or localisation, our certified translators will transform your existing content so that it’s perfectly clear and easily understood by your target audience.

iGaming T&Cs

Communicating your terms and conditions clearly and accurately to your customers is crucial in building and maintaining trust with them. Poorly-communicated terms and conditions can lead to not only disgruntled customers but also a tarnished reputation and a potential lawsuit.

Our expert team can help you to ensure your T&Cs content is 100% compliant with current rules and regulations for your respective target markets. They’ll also make sure the content is presented clearly, accurately and consistently, meaning your T&Cs content will always be a success in maintaining trust and rapport with your customers.


With our keen attention to detail and eye for errors, we will ensure your content is up to the highest of standards. Whether you want us to take a thorough look at your existing content, or to brush up your new content, you can be assured that with us, your content will be a step ahead of your competitors.

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