South Africa Online Gambling Market

South Africa iGaming Market Overview and Infographic

There used to be a time when the only legal gambling business in the country was on horse racing. Regardless of the rules and regulations, South Africans liked to bet illegally on sports and games that were banned in the country back then. The Regulation Gambling Act of 1996 called for increased governmental monitoring of gambling leading to fewer people indulging in illegal betting since the act was placed.

However, another National Gambling Act repealed the Act of 1996 in 2004 followed by The National Gambling Amendment Act introduced in 2008 which legalised interactive gambling in the country and made provisions for the regulation of the market.

Football, Rugby and Cricket Fever

Rugby, cricket and especially football are among the two most popular sports in South Africa. Both in fan following and wagering, football and cricket take the cake. Horse racing has been a part of the South African gambling community with it being the nation’s first legal gambling sport.

Stats, Facts and Figures

South Africa has shown a meagre increase in gambling recently due to a dip in casino market popularity amidst the stagnant economy. A 3.9% increase was observed in 2016, down a lot from the 11.2% spike the year prior.

A report forecasts South Africa’s Gross Gambling Revenue to expand from €1.8 billion in 2016 to €2.3 billion in 2021. Alongside this forecast, a 2006 study shows the percentage of people of participated in said gambling platforms:

National Lottery – 96.9% participation
Slot Machines – 27.7% participation
Scratchcards – 22.7% participation
Charity Jackpot Competitions – 11.6% participation
Horse Racing Betting – 11.5% participation

Official Licensing Body In South Africa And Licensees

At present, there exist 40 gambling licenses. These are all supervised and regulated by the National Gambling Board.

Did You Know?

At one time (1965), South Africa had all forms of gambling banned except horse racing betting. Then at another time (1996), all sorts of gambling were legal!

South Africa iGaming market Infographic

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