Sweden Online Gambling Market

Sweden iGaming Market Overview and Infographic

Sweden has had a turbulent, recent history with gambling. The main reason for this is the much-criticized monopoly run by the state. All gambling, including the brick-and-mortar businesses and online sites are run by the Svenska Spel. The only legal and licensed gaming site in Sweden is operated by Svenska Spel, but punters are under no obligation to limit themselves. As in most European countries, there are many companies that aren’t licensed to trade within Sweden, but are fully covered in other reputable jurisdictions, therefore, can argue the fact that Swedish laws violate EU trade agreements.

The National Treasure – Harness Racing

In Sweden, the most popular sport wagered on is Harness Racing. With 33 different racing tracks across the country, trotting is considered the sport of pleasure in most northern regions of Europe. A betting game called the V75 is the number one game to bet on in Sweden. The bet basically consists of selecting the winner of various races in multiple combinations. You must select at least five winners to win a prize, but if you land 7 out of 7, you have hit the jackpot! Other sports the Swedish like to wager on are football, golf and darts.

Stats, Facts and Figures

Statistics show the state of gambling and lottery market distribution in Sweden, by net revenue that Svenska Spel laid claim to the largest market share, netting a net revenue of €776m, the second biggest revenue (€506m) being attributed to foreign actors. The third place was snatched by horse race betting company ATG, generating €399m net revenue.

Alongside this, the Swedish gambling sector managed to rake in €2.25bn in 2017 with Svenska Spel leading the market with €927m. ATG experienced a 3.1% increase from 2016 as it managed to collect €401m.

Official Licensing Body In Sweden And Licensees

The Swedish Gambling Authority is the official gambling licensing body and the only licensee is the Svenska Spel.

Did You Know?

The king of Sweden bet the king of Norway he could throw two sixes back-to-back for the island of Hisingen. He duly obliged but the King of Norway rolled one six and second die split in half showing a 3 and a 4 on the upturned two halves. As Thirteen beats Twelve, Norway claimed ownership of the island of Hisingen.

Sweden iGaming market Infographic

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