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The language of the EU’s largest economy, the printing press and Goethe

  • COUNTRIES SPOKEN: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Italy
  • NUMBER OF SPEAKERS: 100 million
  • FAMILY: Germanic
  • VARIANTS: German Standard (High German), Austrian German, Swiss Standard German, and regional dialects within “High German” and debate as to their relation with “Low German” languages such as Dutch
  • NATIVE NAME: Deutsch
  • ISO 639-1 language code: de


In order to deliver outstanding iGaming content in German, be it writing from scratch or translating, it all boils down to one key factor: fluency. The level of proficiency is deciding in the quality of the end result – while this holds true for most languages, it’s imperative when it comes to German. The combination of a structured, impeccable organization and a rather formal approach that often accompanies the image of the German culture is heavily reflected in its language. This leads to a few challenges in German iGaming localization that must be tackled with precision, knowledge and experience. “Fluency” in this case isn’t just about how eloquent your content can sound – it’s also about a mix of different qualities that should be utilized in perfect unison so that you can come up with excellent materials. At Translation Royale, we bring you all of these vital qualifications – our writers and translators are seasoned professionals that always go all in with creating German iGaming translations and brand new content.

The dynamic relationship between the German language and the world of Sports Betting, Online Casinos and Poker is quite complex, but also interesting. On one hand, you have a language famous for its rational structure, heavy use of compound words and an approach that almost always communicates respect and seriousness. On the other, you are looking to apply all of that in a field where your target audience has to feel welcome and relaxed in a casual atmosphere with an air of lightheartedness – people are playing with their money and a more informal, friendly setting is the key to attracting new players and retaining old ones. It certainly is a delicate balance, and one that requires a great degree of expertise. You want to use the appropriate style, but without any sacrifices in overall quality. It should go without saying, but grammar must be immaculate as well. Whether it’s Online Poker and Casinos, Sports Betting or even Fantasy Sports and eSports, our translation and copywriting services carry with them the mark of excellence and experience we are known for.


There is definitely no shortage of intricacies when it comes to translating to or creating new German iGaming content. A number of things must be considered: for example, when is it alright to use an Anglicism? Due to the German language’s sometimes stiff style, it’s common to see plenty of borrowed English words present in translations or new content, especially in gaming translations. However, your end result shouldn’t go overboard – this is where the precious balance comes in. Making sure your German translation or newly created content contains just the right amount of funk without watering down the overall feel is paramount. This extends to SEO purposes as well – the most prominent example would be the “Casino” versus “Kasino” dilemma. While there is no clear winner between the two, there are cases in which one term might be more appropriate than the other. Often times, it is the client’s personal preference that decides such issues – at Translation Royale we understand and value your input, which is why we encourage you to be a part of the process and share your thoughts with us. After all, our German iGaming translation and copywriting services aim to please you, the customer, in the highest regard.

Particularly in German-speaking countries, iGaming has enjoyed increasing interest and the prospects for the future are more than promising. Despite a seemingly saturated market and heavy restrictions in the field, the desire of German speakers to partake in lucrative online gaming activities has shown that there is a lot of opportunity for excellent business to be made. With the recent shift towards mobile platforms and online betting, these opportunities can only expand and create even more value, ripe for the picking by the best services out there. In addition, situations like the Schleswig-Holstein case are a perfect depiction of the overall sentiment – if anything, iGaming has yet to reach even higher peaks in these regions. But we won’t bore you with numbers or statistics – if you’re reading this, you have already realized the vast potential this industry has to offer, and you also know that you need the very best when it comes to German iGaming localization.


The German language can be somewhat tough to incorporate in a seamless manner when it comes to iGaming content. There is a wide array of cultural and technical factors that must be considered before and during the process of creating new materials or translating existing ones. When on the lookout for German iGaming content creation or translation, your best bet is to opt for a service that is preceded by its reputation in the field. This will ensure that you are assisted by some of the best in the business, and that no expense will be spared or corners will be cut in the delivery of your outstanding iGaming content. After all, presentation is easily half the work in this industry – choosing an established partner that can offer both proficiency and experience is a surefire way of obtaining the immaculate and customer-oriented end result you are looking for.

We started out with specialized exclusive translation services from English to German for iGaming companies. Although Translation Royale has gone on to achieve much more since its inception, evolving and branching out to deliver excellence in other languages as well, at our core we remain a dedicated team of experts that possess the necessary skill and experience to provide you with guaranteed high-quality German translations and copywriting services. If you’re looking to get the most out of your iGaming content, we are here to provide you with something quite special. Rest assured that by choosing our German iGaming localization services, you’ll be hitting the jackpot every time.

Benefits of a Good Translation

6 good reasons why you need a translated product today

New Customers

Ultimately what a multilingual website brings you are new customers. By having your site accessible to millions of new leads.

Increased Sales

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Talk to your audience

Your audience expects clarity, and also that a message comes from real, thoughtful people speaking their own language.

Cost Effective Marketing

Having the ability to communicate to a whole new international audience in their own language will undoubtedly yield results.

Customer Centricity

A multilingual product demonstrates you are thinking about your customers.

Beat your Competition

To get the competitive advantage in today’s environment you need to think outside the box.

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