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Reaching across four continents, this language is most commonly associated with Samba and Fado

  • COUNTRIES SPOKEN: Portugal, Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, East Timor, Equatorial Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, São Tomé and Príncipe
  • NUMBER OF SPEAKERS: 260 million
  • FAMILY: Romance
  • VARIANTS: Two main dialects, European Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese exist with differences in spelling and pronunciation comparable to US and UK English. Angola and other Portuguese speaking countries mostly follow the European standard.
  • NATIVE NAME: Português
  • ISO 639-1 language code: pt

Our Portuguese iGaming Services

When talking about the Portuguese language, it is important to make the clear distinction between its two major variations – European and Brazilian Portuguese may share the same foundation, but they have matured to become two completely different languages pertaining to their respective cultures. This leads to two separate sets of objectives that must be met in Portuguese iGaming translation and content creation, depending on the target region.

Portugal and its archipelagos are home to European Portuguese, as well as a number of its former colonies including Angola and Cabo Verde, among others. Brazilian Portuguese, on the other hand, is spoken by over 200 million people across the globe, with the vast majority in Brazil and a few million scattered across the rest of the world. As mentioned, the differences between the two have to be addressed, as Brazilian Portuguese speakers often don’t take kindly to the use of European Portuguese in their content – the same applies for its European counterpart. In many cases, the materials may not even be fully understood. This is why your service of choice must ensure approaches that are completely independent from one another. At Translation Royale, you will find exactly that – our Portuguese gaming content creation and translation services can be tailored to fully accommodate the European and Brazilian variations, and our native writers and translators come from both sides with expert knowledge of the regional and cultural intricacies that are instrumental to Portuguese iGaming localization done right.

No Easy Task

There are many challenges when dealing with Portuguese gaming content, and especially the Brazilian sort. The biggest obstacle that requires clever workarounds and professional handling is size. On average, a translated sentence from English to Brazilian Portuguese can be up to one-and-a-half times longer than the original. Needless to say, this is a major issue for text formatting, especially if your working area is limited by design. Keeping sentences short and sweet is very important, but so is conveying the full message. This is why it should be a focal point of every reputable Portuguese iGaming service out there to maintain the equilibrium between brevity and expressiveness – our writers and translators possess years of experience and a solid background that will ensure optimal size and style.

As with all other languages, and especially those belonging to the Romance group, Portuguese demands careful word selection when it comes to gaming terminology. Anglicisms are common, but relying solely on them may result in content that has lost its character. Moreover, using perfectly viable region-correct words is extremely beneficial, as it shows that you have done your research and this leads to attracting new customers. However, there are a few important details such as the fact that one term may take on a different meaning depending on the context within which it is used. A popular example in European Portuguese is the word banca, which typically means bank, but in Poker terminology it can be used as the Portuguese equivalent of “bankroll”. It also finds extensive use in several phrases where banca can mean the dealer in the prevalent Blackjack phrase, “against the dealer” (contra a banca).

Whether the Brazilian or European variation, Portuguese can prove to be a handful for any organization in their pursuit of providing localized gaming content. In order to achieve the peace of mind and guarantee that you will get the ultimate in Portuguese iGaming translation and content creation services, make a safe bet on an established company in the field. Online Poker, Online Casino, Sports Betting, Fantasy Sports and even eSports – at Translation Royale variety is the name of the game, and we will make sure your materials are polished to perfection throughout every step of the process.

Markets With Tons of Potential

One thing Portugal and Brazil have in common is the opportunities for great gaming business to be done. On the European side, online gaming activities have only recently received fresh attention to regulation and licensing, and with four different licensing options now available, including top categories such as Sports Betting and major types of Online Poker such as Hold’em, Omaha and Caribbean Stud, the Portuguese market is definitely ripe for the picking with quarterly reports showing gross gaming revenues in the hundreds of millions and rising.

Things are a bit more complicated in Brazil. There is no clear, comprehensive regulation for online gaming as of yet, and much of it is considered a grey area. An institution that has been trying really hard to change that is the Confederação Brasileira de Texas Hold’em (CBTH), or the Brazilian Texas Hold’em Confederation in English. It has made great progress, with the biggest achievement so far being the recognition and endorsement of poker as a game of skill by the Brazilian Ministry of Sport. While the situation isn’t as clear-cut as one would like it to be, Brazil is still considered one of the major players in the advent of South America as the new online gaming destination. As such, it is widely considered as a market that holds massive opportunities for ambitious entrants and one that is still in its initial growth stages.

If there is one thing that applies to both the Portuguese and the Brazilian online gaming markets, it is that you absolutely must be ready to get the most out of your business. There is unprecedented potential in both locations, and one of the keys to success is going all in when it comes to Portuguese iGaming localization. First impressions are crucial in a new and developing market, and so is a continued service whose hallmarks are excellence in service and provided content alike.

Acquire the Competitive Edge You Need

The odds of hitting the jackpot are definitely in your favor as far as Portuguese gaming prospects is concerned. From Lisbon to Rio, you already know how much potential the scene holds – that is why you are here. While Portuguese iGaming content creation and translation are a challenge to take on, a choice that is based on facts, experience and skill is the ace in your pocket. The potential reward of thousands of new passionate and loyal customers is worth the shot, much like investing in gaming services that will make your business stand out. At Translation Royale, we can do that for you – our reputation as a versatile, reliable and well-researched team of results-driven individuals is the guarantee you need for the best in iGaming content and translations – from Online Poker, Casinos and Sports Betting to Fantasy Sports and eSports.

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