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The language of ABBA, Ikea and meatballs

  • COUNTRIES SPOKEN: Sweden, Finland
  • NUMBER OF SPEAKERS: 9.2 million
  • FAMILY: Germanic
  • VARIANTS: Standard Swedish, Finland Swedish, and other regional dialects
  • NATIVE NAME: Svenska
  • ISO 639-1 language code: sv


What many people don’t know about Swedish is that it is surprisingly close to English. Not only do they belong to the same language family but they share a lot of similarities in terms of word positioning, phrasing, alphabets and many more. Nonetheless translating and creating iGaming content requires vast experience and a professional touch, as the various dialects may present certain challenges.

Fascinatingly, Swedish people refer to their dialects as “parish dialects”. That means they are often spoken in a very narrow territory. Thus, you can enter a swedish town and not understand a word from the locals even though being fluent in the language. If that is the case, the locals will most likely switch to traditional Swedish for your own convenience, but when you are online and you want to win over somebody, you only get one chance to do that. Our professionals are qualified in both Swedish language and all its characteristics and peculiarities, giving you the perfect Swedish iGaming localization. Look no further, as you simply will never find a team of specialists dedicated to such extends. Translation Royale writers are here to offer you the best experience in translating or iGaming content creation and give you the perfect opportunity to intrigue your new Scandinavian audience!

Stand Out From The Rest

By committing to Swedish iGaming translations you are turning your business to an estimated 10 million people speaking this language and to a market that is described as one of the next big things in the face of iGaming services. Norwegian, Danish and Swedish people will usually understand one another, but the modern Swedish language has taken a completely different path and is now on a whole different level. Swedish is also an official language in Finland, as more than 5% of Finnish population speaks it, so by relocating your business to Swedish translated gaming services you will be engulfing more than just Sweden itself.

You’d think that Swedish is far too similar to English and it wouldn’t require such an expert to proficiently translate your content in an appealing manner to the Swedish online gaming community but this is where most people are wrong. Swedish, although close in structure, has a lot of peculiarities and is rather different than the rest of the Germanic languages. What you will need is someone that will be able to appeal to your Swedish customers in a way that will be both linguistically and culturally adapted. The texts created by our experts in Swedish translations read like it was created initially in Swedish, which leaves little to no space for any further doubts on your side when it comes to choosing your next Swedish copywriting services!

As mentioned, just as Danish and Norwegian, Svenska belongs to the north Germanic languages. It has a standard word order which follows the English one, that is, a finite verb which always appears in second position when using declarative main clause. One of the few morphological differences is that Swedish possesses masculine and feminine genders and, as it happens in English, adjectives are compared in the same manner, just that here they are inflected depending on the gender, definiteness or number.

The Next Big Thing

Something every successful business owner should keep his eyes open for are growing and emerging markets. Well, Sweden presents the perfect opportunity for iGaming newcomers. Just hear the numbers. More than 80% of Sweden’s total population uses the internet daily with iGaming and esports becoming more and more popular by the day. On average, 400,000 Swedes browse for online sports and online gaming services per day.

The growth of the online gambling market has been exponential across Europe throughout the past decade and the dire need of regulations has increased with that. Some of the countries from the European Union have been pressured to introduce new iGaming regulatory frameworks over the past decade, though in most cases there have been new more relaxed limitations that open the countries’ markets to international online gambling operators.

An unspoken fact about Sweden’s economy is that it is among the European countries with the biggest potential for a lucrative iGaming market. Most of the gambling market is heavily regulated though and controlled under a monopoly law by the state. Lawmakers there have long favored this system and have light-handedly dismissed any calls for amendments in the local regulatory framework.

Looking at the gambling statistics we can see that Sweden’s regulated gambling market has grown in 2016 and keeps following this trend through 2017, with online gambling being an ever so increasing part of it. It generated a total amount of 8.2 billion SEK (or 924 million USD) in gross gambling revenue just in the second quarter of 2016, which by itself is a 4% increase from the whole 2015.

Furthermore, Sweden has been generally open to offshore gambling operators. They have been thriving in recent years. They are now up to 25-30% of the total Swedish gambling market turnover. Compared to local gambling’s 2% yearly increase, the 16% yearly increase of offshore gambling should really tell you something about the country’s future and should cement your decision on investing towards Swedish iGaming content creation and translations. Another fact worth mentioning is that so far since 2016 70% of the online betting in Sweden has been done through offshore companies, so now more than ever is the perfect time to go “all-in”!

Make The Right Bet

Whether you are already in the Swedish online gaming market or want to invest there, our Swedish translations and content creation can prove of paramount use to any organization in their pursuit of localized gaming content. To turn your ideas into reality you need to make the best bet – the bet on Translation Royale and guarantee yourself the ultimate Swedish iGaming content creation. What you work for is what we want to be part of – whether it is online casino games, sports betting or eSports, our specialized professional translators and content creators are at the top of today’s game ready to help you hit the jackpot.

The country notoriously known for its meatballs, flat-pack furniture and of course ABBA, has one of the longest and more interesting histories when it comes to gambling. It is said that almost a thousand years ago, King Olaf of Sweden decided a territorial dispute with his Norwegian counterpart over a game of dice. So it is no wonder why this country is now turning back to its roots and blossoming on the gambling part of today’s market. Don’t hesitate and roll the dices as with Translation Royale you will get nothing but sixes!

Benefits of a Good Translation

6 good reasons why you need a translated product today

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