Poland Online Gambling Market

Poland iGaming Market Overview and Infographic

Back in April 2017, Poland brought a new gambling regulatory regime to its population. It was designed to liberate the market, but if truth be known, it created anything but liberalisation. Under the new law, international gambling operators are able to apply for a license for sports betting options only. Online poker, bingo and casinos will stay under the Polish monopoly. Under the new regime, Poland also imposed a 12% tax on turnover on all foreign operators. This angered a lot of the bigger companies, and they decided to boycott the Polish market altogether. The fleeing operators include William Hill, Bet365, Pinnacle and Betfair.

Popular Sports for the Poles

As sports betting is the only form of online gambling in Poland, enthusiastic gamblers satisfy their passion by wagering on a number of popular European sports. Football has become a particular passion in Poland. With neighbours Russia hosting the Football World Cup in 2018, the number of football bets is set to reach new heights.

Formula One has also been rising in popularity since 2006 after Renault and BMW Sauber and driver Robert Kubica became the first Pole ever to drive in the sport. In addition, both basketball and martial arts are also starting to draw in the crowds and betting slips. Whilst online casinos are illegal in Poland. However, physical casinos still freely operate and are creating a huge demand for classic casino games like blackjack and roulette across the country.

Stats, Facts and Figures

The overall betting market in Poland (counting both onshore and offshore) was approximated at €82.5 million in gross gambling revenue (GGR) in 2016. Onshore and offshore market operators have been increasing annually at the rate of 28% since 2012 up to 2016.

Official Licensing Body In Poland And Licensees

The Polish Ministry of Finance is the governing body within Poland for its gambling laws and have 311 licensees to date. With that being said, due to its update on the gambling laws back in April, many online companies are leaving the Polish market due to their high 12% taxes.

Did You Know?

After waiting for around seven years, regulated Polish gambling turnover finally grew in 2016 for the first time since 2009.

Poland iGaming market Infographic

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