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Brazil iGaming Market Overview and Infographic

Beach Volleyball and Basketball are big today in the land of futbol. See the ridiculousness of the statement there? This just serves to prove that a country well established for a singular sport has not necessarily reached its plateau.

In other words, even though Brazil will always be known for its legendary football team, it is also turning heads in regards to other sports. And, since a sport gaining fame means higher betting prospects, the betting scene in Brazil has also been affected.

The Homeland of Ronaldo and Neymar Jr.

Football, futsal and beach sports are responsible for most of the illegal betting revenue in Brazil. With two of the top names in the sports’ history, an obvious first-tier gambling market in Brazil is soccer – or futbol, as they call it. Other significant outlets include lottery games (particularly one by the name of Jogo de bicho), horse and dog (yes!) racing, and, recently, poker.

Stats, Facts and Figures

Despite the legal barrier, gambling has been a hit in the country throughout the years. The Brazilian Legal Gaming Institute (Instituto de Jogo Legal – IJL) maintains that approximately €5.3 billion is generated per year from (illegal) gambling. Moreover, the Jogo do Bicho market accounts for around €3.14 billion whereas online gambling brought in around €760 million in 2016. A report on Brazil’s gambling market puts the value of stakes-placed in the local market at around in €14.58 billion.

Official Licensing Body In Brazil And Licensees

No official gambling licensing body, of course, exists since it is illegal.

Did You Know?

The Mega-Sena, which is the largest lottery in Brazil, can yield (to the winner) winnings up to €12.48m.

Brazil iGaming market Infographic

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All figures are given in EUR for ease of comparison. 1 EUR = 0.89 GBP / 1.20 USD as of 01/01/2018.

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