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Mexico iGaming Market Overview and Infographic

Mexico’s gambling industry is generally aimed towards the tourist market, and the government imposes several restrictions to protect locals. However, natives are not actually banned from visiting these casinos. As of 2017, there are 311 gambling venues in Mexico. Most of these are located in the luxury resorts, targeting affluent tourists.

The Gambling and Raffles Bureau of the Mexican Ministry of the Interior is the licensing body for the countries gambling establishments. Online sports betting, poker and casinos companies are known to legally operate in the country without any restrictions. A new gambling legislation is set to be published in 2018 and is thought to have a positive impact on Mexico’s gambling scene.

New Kids On The Block

Mexico is one of the fastest growing gambling nations after new legislation passed office to allow casinos, racing tracks and pari-mutuel facilities to operate within the country. Pari-mutuel facilities (in Europe, these are called bookmakers) are gaining popularity in Mexico.

Horse racing tracks are present at Juarez under the aegis of Juarez race tracks while Mexico City holds the world famous Hippodrome de la Americas. Greyhound racing has also returned to action since the gambling laws were laxed at the Juarez racetrack.

With its continuous growth year-on-year, the Mexican gambling industry has made heaps of room for lotteries both in the land-based and networked sectors. In fact, the industry is so large that some of the prizes have even known to exceed €100 million.

Lotteries are also finding their place in Mexico and both online and offline versions are becoming widely popular. Mostly, online gambling is legal in Mexico. The majority of active gambling markets within the country are football, basketball, and motor racing.

Mexicans are massive enthusiasts of football. This enthusiasm takes effect in the country’s gambling market as well with football being the league leaders seconded by basketball and motor racing.

Stats, Facts and Figures

A variety of events and economic misfortunes halted the growth of Mexican gaming industries. In 2007 and 2008, growth rates were 52.1% and 40% respectively. Negative fluctuation was observed at -7.8% in 2011 but has gradually recovered. By 2015, Mexico was expected to reach €617 million in revenue through gambling. That would mean a 6% yearly increase.

As of August 2017, the online casino market in Mexico has more than 150 websites registered, while the poker industry has 14. Also, from the top 20 countries by game revenue in 2016, Mexico stands 14th, with a revenue generation of €847 Million.

Official Licensing Body In Mexico And Licensees

The official gambling body in Mexico is the Secretaría de Gobernación (SODG) and there are almost 400 gambling licensees in the country.

Did You Know?

The Spanish brought bullfighting to Mexico, and it is now home to not only the most bullfighting rings but also the world’s biggest, named – Plaza Mexico. All bullfighting takes place between the months of November and April, and many Mexicans like to wager on the winner of the fights.

Mexico iGaming market Infographic

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