10+ times Disney Pixar localized logos of their movies

You probably know the Pixar logo by heart and also for movies like Cars or Wall-E. But did you know that the logos for these movies looked different in different languages around the world? If you’re saying: “Obviously, duh, because of languages…”, do you know how they actually looked like?

Below you’ll find a list of 18 movie logos that were changed to accommodate the translated title or to make sure different language characters and symbols fit and capture the spirit of the films.

Just click the small circles and scroll through the list.

A Bugs Life – France

Brave – Macedonia

Cars – Serbia

Cars 2 – Portugal

Cars 3 – Iceland

Finding Dory – Vietnam

Finding Nemo – various Latin American countries

The Incredibles – Italy

Inside Out – Netherlands

Monsters Inc – Hong Kong

Monsters University – Estonia

Ratatouille – Japan

The Good Dinosaur – Poland

Toy Story – Taiwan

Toy Story 2 – Thailand

Toy Story 3 – Lithuania

UP – Korea

WALL•E – Korea

If you’re a cartoon lover, you might also want to check out our article on 7 times Disney Pixar changed cartoons to work with different audiences in different countries.

Photo credits: Pixar and Disney
Based on materials from Oh My Disney

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